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A Smart Solution for Free-Weight Training


Take tracking YOUR WORKOUT to the next level



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Track your workouts live

Real time updates while you workout give you the power to modify your workouts while you are in the gym. No more delays in getting feedback. Improve your technique and form on a daily basis!


monitor your progress

Keep growing! Monitor your progress over a period of time. Historical data allows you understand your growth and prevent you from saturating. 

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find your balance

Your workouts on a weekly basis should be balanced. Let our device and app notify you when your workouts are out of proportion. Visual feedback to help you understand your body and its progress.


Beat your Milestones

We all have goals. Set them, beat them and surpass them. Achieve your milestones and win GYMER POINTS. Gather enough points and redeem them for rewards or free training sessions! Use this tool to monitor your PRs and keep building. 


challenge your friends

We know you like to show-off and challenge your friends. With trustable data, challenging friends and proving your strength becomes easy. Our app already knows your PR. Challenge your friends and then demolish them!


find a workout buddy

Working out alone is never fun. To reach maximum potential, a spotter is important. With our in-app buddy system, you never have to be alone! Find a friend, meet them at the gym and workout together! Grow your community, grow your friends!


the marketplace

the fitness world at your finger tips

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We made it easy to find a trainer. You are no longer restricted to location. Choose a sculptor from accross the globe and let them train you! With live data feedback, they know exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it! Go to the gym, interact with them, learn from them and sculpt your body!

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fitness centers

Unsure of membership prices around your area? Our app makes it easy for you to shop the gyms that meet your needs. Surf the MARKETPLACE and choose what's right for you! Pick from 1000's of rated gyms and pay only for what you want!


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