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A Smart Solution for Free-Weight Training

the ultimate weight lifting experience


An interactive zone with voice and touch capabilities

It has enhanced free-weights capable of tracking and recording all user activity within the zone. It has a visually stunning display of workout data via touch screen monitors. With advanced machine learning and AI based algorithms you get data-based analytics for velocity, power, form and technique of all exercises performed. A GOOGLE HOME, ASSISTANT and DUO powered environment gives you complete immersive interactions. Built on TENSOR FLOW technology, the zone will be capable of giving real-time feedback and analysis. Your virtual trainer will help guide and instruct you for optimum results based on collected data.

the experience


track your workout

Go about your routine with 100% focus

Let GYMER track everything for you including, but not limited to, Tracking of Reps, Sets and Weights, Form and Technique, Monitoring Rest Times, and Velocity and Power. All done AUTOMATICALLY without any input from you. 




Use the touch screen monitors to navigate through your progress.  Then get instant feedback based on REAL data and see it live easily with beautiful graphics. Use AI based algorithms to sculpt your body


Perfect your form

your form and technique like never before

Visualize your form and technique with our 3D animations. Get instant feedback on your exercise form and make sure you never get injured again! Use this tool to ensure proper lifting and body building.


Competition screenshot.PNG

engage with your buddies

WEIGHT LIFTING DATA displayed in your gym to create a fun and competitive environment

With GYMER ZONE  you can view your buddy's data, Live. Motivate and get motivated.  Show your friends your true lifting power!  Challenge them. Beat them. Demolish them. It's weight-lifting data like you've never seen before!


live virtual interactions

engage with your trainer or nutritionist while you workout

Connect with you trainer through GOOGLE DUO.  You're no longer limited to hiring trainers in your area.  In the GYMER ZONE, you can connect with trainers across the globe and learn from the BEST!


Time slot scheduling

exclusive time slots* allow you to workout without any interference

Use our unique time slot feature to schedule your workout. The ZONE is all yours! Workout without any intereference. Focus on your body, your muscles and maximize your potential!

*Additional Charge. Pricing will vary based on gym owner, location and demand.

your gym can have it too.

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GYMER ZONE unleashes the ultimate weight lifting experience. Give your members the opportunity to harness this power.

It enables the creation of a "SMART" gym environment.  It creates the differentiating factor.  It brings exclusivity to your club.   It enables an increase in your membership sales!

Install it, use it, experience it!