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A Smart Solution for Free-Weight Training


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2-Rack KIT

Original Price: $1,200

now: FREE!

Kit Includes: 

 FREE Installation

 2 Gymer Devices

 2 Touch Screen Tablets

 1 LED Flat Screen Television (27in)


Fully refundable up to 30 days prior to date of launch.**

Notifications of LAUNCH DATE will be distributed 3 months in advance.

Target: June 2018 (subject to change


* Basic Setup needs to be provided by the GYM OWNER. Please ensure you have the following items before placing an order.

  • 2 Squat Racks, Barbell Racks, Jones Machines or Smith Machines.
  • 2 Barbells (Quantity, Size and Measurements to be decided before delivery of product)
  • Full Set of Weights (Rubber Weights ONLY, Quantity to be finalized before delivery of product)
  • Location and Space to create the “GYMER ZONE”
  • Electrical Connections near designated location
  • Broadband Internet Connection

**For cancellations and refunds, please email us via the 'CONTACT US' button below. If is unable to fulfill this order for any unforeseen reasons, we will notify you and refund the full amount of the deposit.